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Open a Hard Winter Squash Without a Knife!

How do you open an acorn squash? Or a huge Cinderella pumpkin? I usually pull our big cleaver from the magnetic knife strip. I hold it with both hands and smack at the tough skin. The squash rolls and I try to right it. The cleaver gets stuck and I smash down further anyways.

Alex sees me, fears for his beautiful countertops and my fingers, and takes over the job.

Recently, my friend Susan let on that there is a better way....a method so simple a five year old can do it with no knife!

In our preparations for Christmas Eve pumpkin soup, I decided to try it. I handed Lil a large white pumpkin grown by a friend, whispered the instructions, and turned on the video camera.

What do you think? Will you try the throw and crash method to open a winter squash soon?

Added to Hearth and Soul Volume 29.