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Meal Plan January 10, 2011

Monday - soup from the freezer (either corn chowder or lentil) with fresh biscuits or muffins Tuesday - tuna, rice, green beans

Wednesday - dinner with Rachel's family

Thursday - spaghetti, tomato sauce, sausage, applesauce

Friday - (Alex away at CWRU Sci-Fi Movie Marathon) brinner: eggs, toast, and fruit

Saturday - (Alex away at CWRU Sci-Fi Movie Marathon) ??

Sunday - Dinner at Alex's parents

Update on Pantry Month: On Tuesday last week I spent $18 on milk and kefir.  We are out of fresh vegetables today but have frozen green beans and peas and fresh apples and oranges to get us through the week at least.  I ordered $8 worth of tea in our Frontier co-op that came in on Thursday.  We spent $29 on restaurant food during my surgery.  That leaves $45 for the rest of the month which doesn't look good...especially with Alex wanting to spend money on junk food for the Sci-Fi Movie Marathon...