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Friday Five: Ways to Acheive a Feel Good Weight

Friday Five Button Remember those resolutions? Thanks to sinus surgery (#1) I have dropped five pounds (#7). I do not recommend this method and know the weight will come right back if I don't make other changes. I described my resolution as 'return to a feel good weight' which means that the number of pounds matter less to me than how my clothes fit and my body feels. I have a little ways to go still to fit into some things and I have plenty of flabby un-toned spots. Exercise will help take care of the latter and I hope to maintain the weight loss by doing these five things:

1) Eat a filling breakfast. Nothing earth shattering here. When I take the time to make whole grain oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts, I feel fuller longer than when I try to get by with a slice of toast. Feeling full means less snacking on empty calories, plus my morning oatmeal is packed with fiber and nutrition.

2) Reduce alcoholic drinks. I usually have a glass of wine with dinner. This is arguably good for me and I enjoy it. When I have another glass or two after Lil's bedtime or a cocktail in the late afternoon, I'm adding unnecessary calories and clouding my ability to resist excess snacking.

3) Increase water intake. Again, we've all read this a thousand times: drink water. Water helps our body digest food and drinking provides a satiating sensation. In the winter I drink warm herbal teas all day long.

4) Snack wisely. Here's my snack method when I'm trying to lose weight: when I feel hungry, first I drink a glass of water. If I still feel hungry five minutes later, I have a piece of fruit. Usually the snacky sensation subsides then. If I'm still hungry I make a bigger snack like homemade bread and peanut butter, nuts and dried fruit, or popcorn.  I also curb false hunger eating, the desire for snacks out of habit not true appetite.

5) Cook at home. Fast food and restaurant food is often laden with excess fat and sugar, but that's not why I avoid it. I avoid eating out because typical restaurant fare creates a viscous cycle in my body. I eat some fries at a restaurant and feel underwhelmed, unsatisfied. So I buy an ice cream or order pizza. Again the white flour and sugar gives me a temporary high with a sugar crash shortly after. I want to eat more to feel satisfied but I very rarely do. Eating at home, where I craft meals to include whole grains, nutritious vegetables, and real fat, I do feel satisfied and ultimately eat less.

There are my top five ways to return to a feel good weight. How do you lose or maintain weight?