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Winter Stahl Farm Vacation Getaway

log cabin rental stahl farms Last weekend my parents rented a cabin from Stahl Farm Vacations in SE Knox County, an hour and a half drive from Columbus. They generously invited my sisters, Alex, and Lil to join them for a relaxing unplugged weekend and of course we said yes.

log cabin fireplace

The house was an old log cabin with a recent addition. The original part featured a huge fireplace that burned whole tree trunk sections. Lil was fine around the fire but families with younger children would want to bring baby gates to block the room.

The addition included a large master bedroom and two shower bath, two bedrooms in the loft above and a gourmet kitchen. All rooms were spacious and comfortable. With the loft arrangement, noise carried a little too well but did allow for the heat of the fireplace to warm all the rooms.

stahl farm gourmet kitchenchecking chicken doneness

Our food loving family split up cooking duties for the weekend. Mom and Dad served roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, steamed asparagus, and baked apples the first night. We later watched a movie and played games.

homemade sausage gravyhomemade biscuits

Heather, my pastry chef sister, whisked together sausage gravy from Alex's home ground sausage and biscuits for Saturday morning breakfast.

hiking in bitter cold winter

After breakfast some of us hiked in the bitter cold and others drove to the Stahl's meat animal farm. Allison and Frank invited us into their home to meet a lamb born that morning being warmed by their woodstove. The lamb's temperature was very low and I didn't check in later to see if he made it.

hill at stahl farmanimals grazing in winter

We hiked up a large hill to see the rest of their animals including katadin sheep, meat cattle and Percheron horses.

ewe smelling childpetting a percheron horse

One of the sheep was raised from babyhood with the Stahl's Australian Shepard dog, Kaya. As a result, she was very comfortable around people, shown here trying to mug Lil of some cookie crumbs. The friendly horses are used to protect the other animals and haul wood. All are pasture raised and treated well. The meat animals are sold at auction, not butchered and sold directly from the Stahl's.

After a chilly hike back to the cabin, Megan used overnight oven stock made from the previous night's chicken carcass and transformed it into a satisfying soup for Saturday lunch. Some enjoyed the hot tub in the afternoon while others played more games, watched birds, and read.

homemade tamalesAlex and I hand formed pork tamales for dinner and served them with rice, beans, and salad.

Sarah made a potato, egg, and Canadian bacon casserole for Sunday breakfast. We spent the rest of the morning packing up. Though I was feverish and not well enough for stops on the way home, my sisters and parents visited Hartstone Pottery and Adornetto's Pizza in Zanesville. Other attractions nearby include the Velvet Ice Cream Ye Old Mill in Utica, The Works children's museum in Newark, and Newark Earthworks.

I am forever grateful for my amazing family and the memories we make together.