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Meal Plan February 7, 2011

dancing in the kitchen while making coppa Ah, it feels good to be back together. This weekend was bustling with foodie tasks: Alex stuffed cured pork chunks into beef middles and hung them to dry for coppa, Rachel rinsed and readied pork belly for bacon makin', the whole family helped friends kill and eat a backyard chicken, and we made Lean Green Bean's homemade soft pretzels and beer cheese sauce for a Superbowl dinner.

We're looking forward to more cooking and eating this week.

Monday - Soba peanut noodle salad with green beans and Not Your Mother's Casseroles baked tofu

Tuesday - Goat roast with mashed potatoes and clementines

Wednesday - Homemade sausages and braised cabbage

Thursday - First Date Night of 2011!! Appetizers at Mouton, Pecha Kucha at Columbus Art Museum, Cocktails at Jury Room

Friday - Goat shepherd's pie

Saturday - Corn chowder from the freezer

Sunday - Family dinner