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Grow Your Garden Free Ebook!

grow your garden free ebookThere is nothing I love more than planning gardens. There is such anticipation in the planning: what will grow, what new things do I want to try, what do I love to eat? I casually advise friends and family, occasionally drawing up a whole plan. Last year I attempted to inspire beginning growers with a series of basic edible gardening articles I published on this blog.

This year, I collected and expanded those articles into the Grow Your Garden ebook. Because I dream of a world with a garden in every backyard, I am making this ebook free for all!

Download your copy by visiting the ebook page. Feel free to tell your friends and family too – free downloads are unlimited.

All I ask in return is that you gently tend a piece of earth and savor the edible results. Share your plans, challenges and triumphs with me by email, in comments on Hounds in the Kitchen, or on the Hounds in the Kitchen Facebook page.

To bigger gardens, Rachel

PS. I just added a donation button if you want to support future educational endeavors of Hounds in the Kitchen. Look for it under the picture of me cooking on the right hand side of this site.