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Friday Five: New CSA Concepts in Central Ohio

Friday Five ButtonFruit and vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares have been available for years here in Columbus and many of us have partaken of their local produce goodness. Today I want to highlight several new twists on the classic CSA. Follow the links in each post for registration and more details. 1) Mockingbird Meadows Honey and Herb Farm is offering a Healthy Herbs CSA from June through February. From their website: "Designed to mirror the traditional vegetable CSA, our farm share program is meant to provide you with the basics of a healthy lifestyle through the use of our herbal helpers. Along with your share of fresh cut and dried healing herbs, handmade herbal health aides, seasonal tonic teas, fresh herbal foods and our raw honey we include 2 custom-made tinctures, 2 herbal consultations (not to exceed 2 hours), 2 reservations to our Farm Open House and 10% off product purchases. Each share will be a $300 investment for the year. Pick-ups will be once a month at various farmer's markets to be named soon. Please email Dawn form more information- dcombs@mockingbirdmeadows.com. Deadline for registration is May 31, 2011"

2) Frijolito Farm is selling farm gift cards. The idea is that farmer Wayne Shingler will accept investors now for early farm costs. Investors are given gift certificates loaded with credit equal to the amount of the investment plus 10% and can be exchanged for free range eggs, chicken meat, fruits, vegetables or anything else Frijolito sells. On December 1, any remaining balance can be redeemed for cash. This is micro-financing at its most local!

3) Based on their success in the fall, Blues Creek Meats in the North Market is expanding the meat CSA program. You choose the type of meat (beef, lamb, or beef/lamb/pork/goat/veal combo) and pick up once a month. The deadline for the spring CSA sign-ups just passed, though you might be able to call or go in person and see if any shares remain. Sign up now for summer-fall shares.

4) Green B.E.A.N. delivery just began offering their services in central Ohio. They make available a variety of CSA fruit and vegetable basket sizes plus customized additional options, all delivered to your doorstep. I was most intrigued by this concept when I heard a farmer recommending it, saying Green B.E.A.N. is providing the infrastructure to deliver his organic grains fresh to consumers. Green B.E.A.N. is offering me a trial basket over the next month so that I can write a full review soon.

5) Sunny Meadows Farms is offering a unique co-operative CSA. Full and half shares will include vegetables from their greenhouses and fresh cut flowers, fruit, herbs, fresh baked bread, canned goods, homemade soap, cheese, eggs, meats from a variety of local all-natural farms. This eclectic CSA would be great for someone who wants to explore the great variety of sustainable farms in central Ohio.

Do you have more CSA news to share? Please comment!

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