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Meal Plan March 14, 2011


  • Pi Day Monday! I'll post a linky and hope you will join in the fun with a pi/pie/pies story or recipe
  • St. Patrick's Day Thursday
  • Big portions of pork, chicken, rice, and beans leftovers from a weekend party
  • Request from a friend for my homemade mac and cheese
  • Teaching Charcuterie class Tuesday at Franklin Park Conservatory (Call and see if there are spots remaining if you want to eat sausage and bacon with us!)


Monday - southwestern chicken soup and cornbread

Tuesday - sausages and spinach salad with warm bacon dressing

Wednesday - spinach lasagna

Thursday - corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, home brewed strong ale

Friday - homemade macaroni and cheese dinner with friends

Saturday - dinner out after School for Young Children benefit auction

Sunday - dinner at Alex's parents with a German family friend