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Introducing Intern Keara!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Lil's teacher at school about having an intern. Her step-daughter was looking for a cooking-related internship. Other small business owner friends have had great experiences with interns, so I agreed! Keara will be assisting around the homestead and at cooking classes for the next two months. She might appear in blog posts too. Below she introduces herself and the internship program.

intern keara making sprouts"Hey there everyone, it's Keara. I'm a senior at Linworth AP and have the chance to do something called a walkabout. At the end of January all the seniors go out into the 'real' world of adults and pursue their hobbies or career paths. Some people stay here in Ohio, while others may travel all the way to Mexico to volunteer in an orphanage. There are two walkabouts, one starting in January and ending in March, the second from April to May.

My current passion is life is cooking, and for my first walkabout I interned at the lovely Worthington Inn and worked in the kitchen. The Worthington Inn buys everything that they can locally and fresh. I'm interested in buying local organic, along with gardening and using what I plant in the foods I eat. This is what brought me to Rachel, I'm really interested in how she goes about making her food and hoping once I leave her to be able to use what knowledge I've gained in the kitchen at home. Thanks for reading!"