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Keeping a Homestead Journal

homestead journalI have resisted written journals forever because writing about just anything seemed to open for me. When I came upon the idea I could track activities around the homestead in a journal, I was excited. I challenged myself to write a little something every day in March. Meeting the challenge was a cinch because there's nothing I love more than being productive and writing about it.

Each evening, I organize the day's record with a title line that includes the date, temperature, weather, and location. Underneath, I note accomplishments and challenges, such as 'moved the chicken coop', 'Lil coughing all night', 'cooked for family', or 'started tomato seedlings'. This is the same format I use for my field log that I've kept since high school to record birds and significant natural sightings on hikes and vacations.

Here's what I love about the log:

  • Already I can look back and see progress in the weather and my activities.
  • The feel of a good pen on an excellent notebook is a lovely way to end the day.
  • I am finally writing down planting dates so I can compare them in future years.
  • I can't wait to take the journal on vacation next week and put some new locations in the title line!

Do you keep a journal or log? How do you keep track of gardening and cooking activities?

Added to Simple Lives Thursday 38th Edition.