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Deals at Lowes for Raised Bed Makers

We're building garden beds here and happened upon two sales at Lowes.lowes 40% off treated lumber First, most treated lumber is on sale for 40%+ off through April 18. We explained how we build beds and why we choose treated lumber in a post last year.

As I was screwing together the corners of one new bed, our Black and Decker drill battery drained after the fifth screw. I put in the replacement and it also drained. These are many years old and rechargeable batteries do lose their life after some time.

At the same time, our DeWalt SawsAll has been out of service for six months now because its battery is dead. We use the SawsAll to tear down the deck, make quick cuts to the potato tower, and scrub bush trunk trimming.

The DeWalt replacement battery is $99 for one or $119 for two. We were already set to buy the battery two pack when I saw the tool sets. A four tool set (drill, impact driver, sawsall, and flashlight) plus two batteries is $229 for a limited time while supplies last. That's a great price and solves the problem of also needing a Black and Decker replacement battery since we could unify the branding of our hand tools with the DeWalt drill. Plus, an impact driver? Alex has been wanting one of those.

Is it a 'deal' to spend more than two times what you needed? It was in our case at least. If you are new to gardening or woodworking, or want to tuck away a gift set for a holiday, our experience with DeWalt tools has been very good.

Happy Gardening! Lowes, DeWalt, and Black and Decker have no idea who I am and in no way compensated me for this post.