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Meal Plan April 10, 2011

Ingredients & Inspiration:

  • Leaving on a 10 day vacation to Massachusetts on Thursday = Operation clean out the fridge
  • We have half a head of cabbage, a head of lettuce, two boxes of spinach, three half gallons of milk, two bags of mozzarella cheese, a half dozen homemade buns, and most of a 32 oz container of yogurt that will spoil if we don't use them
  • We have one last large pie pumpkin from the fall that needs to be used
  • I would love to avoid grocery shopping until we leave
  • My family is coming over Wednesday for a last meal before we leave


Monday - black bean tacos/burritos with cheddar cheese, cabbage, salsa

Tuesday - egg salad sandwiches, salad, pumpkin muffins or pie  Lil is bargaining for pie

Wednesday - spinach lasagna with homemade ricotta and tomato sauce Yes, this was on last week's menu too but we never made it