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Flowers That Stink Like Death and Taste Like Spring

This week has been all about flowers here. When we returned to Ohio, everything was in bloom! corpse flower at Ohio Statefolds of the corpse flower bloomfly on a titan arum

Along with all others who marvel at plants and science, we had to trek to the Ohio State University campus to view the largest flower in the world. Rarely coaxed to bloom in a greenhouse, a Titan Arum, aka corpse flower, bloomed last weekend in the Biological Sciences greenhouse. It attracts flies with a scent that reminds many of rotting flesh or food. Fortunately by the time we visited, two days after bloom, the smell had largely dissipated.

Nicknamed Woody, this is the first known instance of a Titan Arum grown from seed to bloom in Ohio. The beautifully undulating petals are quickly fading but visitors are welcome at the greenhouse. The greenhouse link also includes frequently asked questions and a webcam of the flower.

collecting edible violetsOn the way home, and at every available instance, we dine on flowers. We snack on redbuds and add dandelion greens to our salads. Lil also likes to eat the young dandelion flowers.

Last night, Lil and I filled a container with edible purple violets from a neighbor's yard to exchange with another friend for morel mushrooms. We will collect more sweet violets to decorate Alex's brother's wedding cake on Saturday.

It's a great time to enjoy and eat the wild flowers around us!

P.S. I shared a guest blog post, Any Kinda Chowda, at The Lean Green Bean today. Hop over for two recipes and a ratio for chowder!

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