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Mother's Day Wishes

Alex has asked me several times if I have any desires for Mother's Day. mom and child with grinch at dr seuss memorialLike so many moms, I think it would be great to have a day with all the benefits of motherhood (children's hugs, "You're the greatest", etc.) and none of the work. Let me complete a project, phone call, night's rest, or a simple thought without interruption. Let the world be at peace. Let it be quiet most of the time. Let it stop raining so that I might plant my garden.

Alas, I know that my husband and child can't make the impossible a reality.

They could lavish me with gifts. I would love: a chicken weather vane garden statuary - a dog or gargoyle would be fun framing for my Joachim Knill polaroid a new lens for my camera something cute to wear

Or, they could address the practical needs: replace the garage door opener hang the bat house that has resided in the garage for three years build the patio add a rain barrel to the garage

What are you making, procuring, or requesting for a Mother's Day gift?