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Friday Five: Anxious Feelings

Friday Five ButtonI don't usually admit to being fearful. I'm the over-confident one, eager to offer advice and assistance. But truly, the month of May has me feeling a little anxious. Here's what I'm worried about:

  1. Pecha Kucha - On Thursday the 12th, I will present my ideas about 'When You Know Your Food' to a crowd, possibly a very large crowd. The facebook invite has over 350 RSVPs and the last event had between 600-700 audience members. Whoa.You can watch how I perform under fire for a small donation of $2. There will be free beer, food carts, screen printing and a photo booth to entertain us.
  2. Weather - The sunshine yesterday and this morning should have me in a pretty good mood. The potential happiness is overshadowed, however, by a forecast for more rain and chilly temperatures. Everything is less fun when it is raining: chickens are more squawky, children more obnoxious and gardening more difficult.
  3. BlogHer Food - I'm going to Atlanta May 19-22 for the BlogHer Food conference. I'm flying by myself, staying in a hotel by myself, and volunteering as a mic wrangler during most sessions. Lil will be shuffled around a bit because Alex is also traveling for part of that time. I'm concerned about what to wear, how many business cards to bring, how the volunteer job will go, whether the conference is a good use of money, etc.
  4. Garden - My garden looks like a bunch of caged soil right now. I planted out seedlings but they are mere specks of green on a dirt brown expanse. The dogs are being particularly nosy this year, so most beds are surrounded by chicken wire. Some even have bird netting over the top to protect the peas from sparrows. I worry every year around this time that my garden will not produce, though I have to remind myself that I always end up with a jungle by June.
  5. Lil's Food - The eating habits of my five year old are driving me batty. She likes approximately five healthy things at any given moment, and these change regularly. She asks for treats all the time and we argue when I suggest real food alternatives. I know that Lil will very likely eat whole foods as an adult but right now she wastes an awful lot of quality ingredients. I hope this phase ends soon because it is squeezing the enjoyment out of my very favorite activities: cooking and eating.

And yet, I feel ashamed about my anxiety when I remember that thousands of people are still suffering from earthquake, tsunami, and tornado damage. My worries are not a drop in the bucket compared to those who are without homes, living in war-torn areas, and suffering from illness, joblessness, or hunger.

Listing my concerns about my wants when all my needs are generously met makes me a little ill at myself. But, blah, that's how I'm feeling. How are you doing today?

PS. I am genuinely looking forward to assisting Joseph of Swainway Urban Farm at the Clintonville Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. Come say hi!