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Easton Farmer's Market {Friday Five}

easton farmer's market entranceYesterday Lil and I went to the grand opening of the Easton Farmer's Market. It is located in the parking lot behind Fado's on the south east side of Easton. An impressive 50+ vendors will line the spacious lot from 3-7 pm every Thursday. Here are five things we enjoyed today: 1) Space: For the farmer's sake, I do hope there will be crowds eventually, but as a consumer I love being able to easily browse the stands without lines. Parking is also free and quick to find at Easton.

2) Entertainment: Lil had great fun picking out colors for her flower with the patient and entertaining Randy from Ballooniacs. He graciously made Lil a butterfly backpack after the flower popped. While the balloon exchange was going down, I enjoyed the quality but not overly loud live music.

3) Variety of Vendors: There was a wide selection of food makers and farmers selling the standard dip mixes and baked goods to those offering natural produce, artisanal cheese, meat and beautiful flowers. If I lived closer to Easton I could easily buy everything I needed for my family's meals, save baking staples and Snowville milk.

4) Local Matters: Columbus' premier food-centered nonprofit is playing an educational role at the market. They had both a children's 'play with your food' activity and adult 'mystery basket' demonstration on Thursday. Each week will feature a new theme to their outreach.

5) Excitement: The Easton market is well organized and staffed with energetic people. More than one vendor mentioned new seasonal products (like Ohio cherries!) they will be bringing to future markets.

ballooniacs at easton farmers marketflowers at easton farmers marketgoat cheese at easton farmers market

I predict that this market will grow beyond expectations. We will certainly return.

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