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June 6, 2011 {Meal Plan}

Ingredients and Inspiration:

  • broccoli, asparagus, leftover campfire potatoes in the fridge
  • red leaf lettuce and radishes need to be harvested
  • We have been craving HoundDogs pizza. It's a once a season treat we haven't had in forever.
  • We are picking strawberries at Schacht Farm Monday.


Monday ~ Turkey mushroom goulash over homemade egg noodles, steamed asparagus, strawberry shortcake

Tuesday ~ Rachel at Sage with friend, Alex and Lil -  fish, broccoli, quinoa

Wednesday ~ Order pizza, backyard salad

Thursday ~ NuLifestyle launch party at The Hills

Friday ~ Bok choi/pea stir fry with sesame tofu, green onion pancakes

Saturday ~ Birthday dinner for a friend at Local Roots

Sunday ~ Honey Class at Franklin Park Conservatory 4 - 5:30 pm - spaces still available!, family dinner at Rachel's parents