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Strawberry Picking at Schacht Farm Market

We picked strawberries today at Schact Farm Market. Given the interest on facebook and twitter, I wrote a quick profile for those looking to pick strawberries this season. schacht farm marketschacht farm market sign

Schacht is a family farm located in south east central Ohio. The easy drive to their location took thirty minutes from our home in Clintonville.

The farm is well organized as a pick your own operation. Guests are invited to bring their own baskets (yay for reusing!). Buckets are for sale for $1 each if you do not have your own. Wheeled carts are available for families or those wishing to pick a large quantity.

Ample signage directs pickers to the open rows and friendly staff are ready with recommendations about the best place to find berries. The rows are clear of weeds and hazards.

strawberries picked at schacht farm

Each pound of strawberries costs $1.99 when picked yourself. In a half hour of picking, I collected 8.5 pounds of berries (the large wicker basket pictured above) for $16.92. I later measured this quantity to be about eight quarts which made two half sheet trays (two gallon bags) of frozen strawberries.

When I asked about pest management, the owner told me they aim to be a low impact sustainable farm. They do use chemicals (mostly fungicides in the case of strawberries) when necessary to minimize crop loss. Some applications they use are common to organic farms, though Schacht Farm is not certified organic. Schacht prefers to rely on healthy soil to create strong plants resistant to pest problems.

The farm also sells pre-picked home grown produce, including rhubarb I couldn't resist. Eight quarts of pre-picked strawberries are sold in a flat for $30 first come first served, meaning you save about 50% by picking your own.

Strawberry season will last only another week or maybe two for 2011. View seasonal updates on the web or call 837-4663 to find out what is ready to pick next.

girl picking strawberriesSchacht Farm Market 5950 Shannon Rd. Canal Winchester, Oh 43110 http://www.schachtfarmmarket.com

If you go:

  • Call ahead to be sure they are open for picking.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated.
  • Wear sunscreen and clothing to be protected from the sun.
  • Bring your own baskets or buckets.
  • Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, checks, and cash are accepted. SNAP benefits and senior coupons are available.

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