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Spring Before Summer June 13 {Locavore Meal Plan}

homegrown tomatoes The heat had me down last week and then *poof* a front passed through on Saturday, transforming the weather into lovely low 70s during the day and 60s at night. This is my kind of weather, perfect for outdoor living and cooking!

Ingredients and Inspiration

  • Produce ready to pick: garlic scapes, lettuces, chard, herbs, raspberries, strawberries
  • In the fridge: local asparagus, spinach, lamb, pork
  • Cool weather means we can cook and enjoy hot foods
  • I really want to can something this week; I'm hoping for cherries at a farmer's market.

Meal Plan

Monday - left overs or sandwiches after a day trip to the Wilds

Tuesday - homemade chorizo mulitas and salad

Wednesday - homemade lamb sausages over barley risotto

Thursday - pasta with asparagus and garlic scape pesto

Friday - dinner with friends

Saturday - empanadas

Sunday - Father's Day dinner with both sides of the family. The menfolk have requested burgers. I'll serve them with homemade buns, backyard salad, and deviled eggs.

What are you eating this week?


elena photographyPS. If you weren't at the Ohio Blogging Association event on Sunday, you missed out. Elena of Elena Photographers led a thorough session on basic DSLR blog photography including hands on practice for me and Tiffany. I learned so much and am now confident enough to shoot in Manual mode!

Read the write up on her blog featuring my mug because I volunteered to be a model.

Note to self: next time you go to a photography lesson, prepare to be photographed.