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Week of June 20, 2011 {Meal Plan}

Inspiration and Ideas:

  • We have lots of leftovers from last night's Father's Day feast including: blueberry basil turkey burgers, potato salad, black bean salad, green salad, mac & cheese, grape pie, & pavlova.
  • My left-over-disappearing-machine, aka Alex, is traveling to Connecticut this week.
  • I am terribly jealous. I want to travel, don't want to single parent, and have no plans this week, except...
  • I am teaching Jam Canning on Tuesday evening at Wild Goose. Space is still available!
  • Greens and herbs are growing like crazy in the yard.

Meal Plan:

Monday - transform bean salad into chili, serve with green salad

Tuesday - sandwich before the class

Wednesday - Lil's choice, probably spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday - something from the freezer? someone invite us to dinner?

Friday - whatever Alex wants after a week of restaurant dining, my bets are on simply cooked chicken or fish, rice, greens.

Saturday - Comfest! Dinner at a local restaurant stand

Sunday - family dinner after Berries class (spots still available here too: 2-4 pm at Franklin Park, register by calling 614.645.5923)

P.S. It's my mom's birthday today! Happy birthday to the lady who raised a bunch of fine cooks!