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Bulk Flour Co-op

We are all out of bulk flour so we are offering a group buy again. We order fifty pound bags of King Arthur brand flours through a wholesale company. The flour is high quality and manufactured in an employee owned co-operative business. This time around, we are able to get organic bread flour. Yay!

Group Buy Details

  • The flour comes in whole fifty pound bags.
  • Orders are due Tuesday June 28, 2011 at noon.
  • People who order will receive an email by 8 pm Tuesday night with their total and payment instructions.
  • Payment by paypal (preferred), cash, or check is due Saturday July 2 at noon.
  • Flour will be delivered on July 7 or 8.
  • Flour will be delivered to Sprout Soup at 4310 N High Street near Cooke and High. Quick pickup is a must.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, the price includes a small handling fee for my time organizing the group and unloading the flour sacks.

Please fill out the King Arthur Flours June 2011 Form to place your order. Email me with any questions or concerns.

About the Flours

BAKERS ORGANIC CLASSIC 50# $43.22 Milled from 100% certified organic hard red spring wheat, with similar characteristics to the King Arthur Special. The result is a flour suitable for a wide range of baked goods with excellent mixing and baking characteristics.

FLOUR SPECIAL MALTED ENRICHED 50# $27.74 Special Malted Enriched is a medium protein general purpose wheat flour.

FLOUR WHEAT WHOLE WHITE 50# $32.81 Wheat whole white is 100% whole wheat ground as white and substituted up to 100% in most recipes.  I use this for everything except pie crust, roux, and 50% bread flour in sandwich bread.

HARVEST FLOUR SIR GALAHAD 50# $25.39 Sir Galahad is an enriched flour from hard red winter wheat.

HARVEST FLOUR SIR LANCELOT 50# $35.64 Sir Lancelot is enriched hi-gluten bread flour.  Necessary for high quality bread.

King Arthur offers more detailed descriptions of the conventional and organic flours.


Order with the form or send questions my way. Happy baking!


PS. I also organize a monthly group buy of herbs and toiletries from Frontier Co-op with pickup at Sprout Soup. Email me if you are interested.

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