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Bathroom Update {Before & After}

Two weekends ago, I decided to tackle a long overdue bullet point on the 'house to-do' list: the first floor bathroom. This teeny tiny bathroom was decorated by the former owners with butterscotch textured paint and big black shelves. The dark colors made the loo seem even smaller than it was. The toilet paper holder had only one attachment point and was forever falling out of the drywall.

Oh, and Lil discovered she could use her fingernails to 'draw' on the textured walls.

bathroom beforedrawing on bathroom walls

Over three days, I repainted in light beige, replaced the toilet paper and towel holder, and switched out the light-sucking shelves with a simple etagere. The paint was left over from another room in the house. The accessories cost a total of $60.

bathroom update complete Ah. Much better. Why did it take me four years to update this bathroom?

PS. Lots of great events are coming up - Holiday Food Gifts on Sunday at Franklin Park, Will Allen next weekend, Tomato Preserving Tuesday the 19th. Reserve your space soon!