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New Albany Farmers Market

new albany farmer's market entranceThe newest farmer's market in central Ohio belongs to one of the newest suburbs, New Albany. It is scheduled to run every Thursday from 4-7 pm now through September 8 in Market Street Square, 200 Market Street 43054. Lil and I visited on the second week. We found rows of tents arranged around a lovely plaza in front of a Columbus library branch. Ample free parking is available along the streets and in a lot by the library.

branstool peaches at new albany farmers marketmott farms at new albany farmers marketsummer squash at new albany farmers market
For a market only in its second week, New Albany was well attended by producer/grower vendors and buyers. Nearly every shopper I saw was carrying a basket of peaches from Branstool, the first of the season. A family could truly shop for the week here with baked goods (including gluten free), meat, eggs, herbs, fruits, and vegetables available.

ohio sheeps milk cheese at new albany farmers marketI was most excited to find two new-to-me products at the market. First, pictured on the left, is Ohio's first sheep's milk cheese from Kokoborrego Cheese Company. I chatted with the producers and learned that their raw cheeses are aged a minimum of 60 days. Tastes revealed that this cheese is rich and artisanal, rivaling fine European cheeses. Kokoborrego is made by the Sippel family and available at the Clintonville Farmer's market, Columbus restaurants, and stores coming soon.

At right are the Hickory Bark products from simply gourmet syrups at new albany marketSimply Gourmet Syrups. Michael Jaeb, founder and producer, shared his story of turning local and seasonal ingredients into gourmet flavored syrups and jams. His background in design is apparent as everything about the syrup stand is arranged and labeled with an old-timey feel. The showcase product, shagbark hickory syrup, is a completely new flavor to me, nutty and sarsaparilla-like. You can order Simple Gourmet Syrups through their website or find them at other markets throughout the state.

I applaud New Albany for selecting fine vendors and a beautiful location. Family-friendly local businesses surrounding the square include the library, a toy store, gift shops, and restaurants. Though it is a 20 minute drive from Clintonville, I will return with plans to stay and explore more of Market Square next time.

If you go:

  • Bring cash and reusable bags as always. If you plan to buy cheese or meat, consider carrying a cooler or ice pack too.
  • Check out the weekly highlights schedule for a list of special events and entertainment.
  • Consider traffic if coming from other parts of the city. Sometimes the intersection of 161 and 270 can be congested.
  • Find restrooms in the public library.
  • Connect with New Albany organizers on Facebook and/or Twitter.


Have you been to New Albany Farmers Market? What market do you want to read about next?


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