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Sparks {Friday Five}

On my mind these days: growing power hoop house building1) Hoop Houses - I was honored to meet Will Allen and attend workshops with his staff last weekend. I now know how to build a hoop house and can't wait for some land on which to build. I'll share more about the Growing Power way soon.

2) Better Living Through Chemistry - I am 20 days into another sinus infection. Yes, I had surgery on my headbone back in January but bad luck resulted in a persistent infection again. Here's hoping that two z-packs back to back and prednisone will knock the wind out of these nasty bugs.

3) Pinterest - Making visual bookmarks is fun! Let's follow each other.

labo Japanese studentshappy japanese exchange students

4) 115 Japanese Visitors - Today I volunteered to welcome 100 Japanese students and their chaperones to Ohio State. Tomorrow I return to lead an orientation group and on Saturday to send them off around the state to stay four weeks with host families. Lil, Alex, and I will welcome Anna, pictured above on the right with shiny pink shoes, to our home from August 5 - 18!

5) Ohio's Greatest Places - We want to show Anna the best and most unusual Ohio has to offer. In line with our desire to find new experiences in the old hometown, we plan to visit Amish country, the Wilds, a taco truck, the state house, Flying J and Swainway farms, and Serpent Mound. What else should be on our list?

What are you thinking about?