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Bitter Cucumbers {Friday Five}

Lots of awesome things happened around the homestead today: we pickled homegrown peperoncini peppers, filled the basil jar with dried basil, made stuffed sausage, put cabbage into a crock for sauerkraut, and brined pork belly. In the evening I convinced Alex to clear out the cornichon cucumber patch because they were past their prime. What happened with the excess cukes? Witness the unscripted madness: bite bitter cucumberposing with cucumbersbludgeoning a cucumber

1) Take a bite to confirm it's bitter. The cuke is indeed sharper than my grandmother talking about health insurance coverage.

2) Pose for goofy pictures with cucumber props.

3) Practice bludgeoning.

feeding chickens cucumbersfiring cucumber from air gun

4) Give the chickens a snack. 

5) Fire up the air cannon. What?! Your family doesn't have a pneumatic potato gun?