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Wishes {Friday Five}

child holding nardello peppersThis week, I put myself out there and pitched some ideas to sponsors and media. As much as I like attention, I hate asking for help, so sending requests is hard for me. Yet I know that no one will be able to support my vision if I do not ask. In the event that someone reading this is able to help manifest my dreams, I boldly list them here today. I wish...

1) ...to move to a home with a big kitchen and mudroom on 2-4 rural acres in or very near Columbus. Space to entertain or build an education barn is a plus. I have so many plans for a sustainable urban homestead!

2) ...something comes of my idea to build a home food preserving tool lending library. I applied for a $1000 grant from Awesome Food for this project. If you like the idea of a pool of tools to share amongst cooking and preserving geeks, I would love to hear your thoughts about other funding sources.

3) ...for more chickens and bees and maybe meat rabbits. Space is holding me back, see #1.

4) ...my face would stop hurting already. In the last six weeks I have wrecked my digestive system with two different antibiotics and yet a sinus infection persists. I'll get another stamp on my ENT frequent patient card this afternoon.

5) ...that you all know how grateful I am. I love sharing photos, stories, and advice on this blog. Even better are the responses I hear when people try a recipe or start a garden or visit a market because of something they saw here. Thank you for reading.