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Rapid Cannning Trick

glass peaches at franklin park conservatoryStep 1: Put out a call on Facebook that you are canning. Tell friends you will teach them. Step 2: Offer to entertain their kids with paper mache when friends respond.

Step 3: Breathe deeply as chaos ensues when friends and kids come over.

Step 4: Enjoy the chatting as you work together to peel and slice ~30 pounds of peaches.

Step 5: Give your friends canning confidence as they help fill jars with peach pieces and make jam from the scraps.

Step 6: Relax as you realize that you just canned in a third of the time as normal. Think about sharing a jar or two with the friends who helped you.

Now, who would like to help mop the floor?

PS. Intrigued by the glass peaches pictured? They are part of the Franklin Park Conservatory's Hungry Planet exhibit opening August 20.