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Why There's Vanilla Brewing {Friday Five}

1) While making cereal snack mix for the annual family camping trip, I saw the recipe on the box for chocolate/peanut butter covered in powdered sugar snack mix. (These mixes have names but they are trademarked and silly.) 2) I had to make it too, despite not exactly possessing most of the ingredients. I subbed chocolate bar pieces for the chips and almond butter for peanut butter.

3) Then I realized the vanilla extract jar ran dry two days ago.

4) But I found vanilla beans in the spice drawer and ran to the computer to search how to make vanilla extract at home. I dumped vodka and beans in a jar leftover from canning apple butter.

5) In four weeks I can make chocolate/peanut butter cereal mix with vanilla. You can bet I made it without vanilla for this trip. This is how I get into trouble in the kitchen: one project leads to another to another. Am I the only one? PS. The CSCC Taste the Future giveaway ends Tuesday.