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No More Hounds in the Kitchen?

little dog hawise and girl LilYou may have noticed that posting has been light the last few weeks. I have had a sinus headache to end all headaches that leaves me with little energy to do anything but sleep. After many meetings with my Ear Nose, and Throat doctor, he referred me to an allergist. Today I suffered through nearly four hours of the arcane prick tests to determine that I'm allergic to dust mites and dogs.

So the blog is not going away, but the hounds and I are renegotiating terms. Little Hawise will no longer be allowed to sneak into our bedroom and might be bathed more often. Big dog Devie is going to have to give up her couch soon for a washable bed.

Posting may continue to be uninspired or few and far between as we tackle a few home improvement projects that should ease my allergies - removing carpet upstairs and the basement drop ceiling. I'm trying out some medicines too.

Hopefully soon I will feel like my usual self again. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!