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Freshwater Farms of Ohio {Profile}

Freshwater Farms of Ohio was one of the stops in our Urbana, Ohio field trip. Click the link to read about the rest of our trip. Since our first trip to Freshwater Farms of Ohio for the 2009 Shrimp Fest, I can't help but return every so often.

Where else can you pet a sturgeon? And pick up toads? And view native fish and stream species? And purchase fine smoked trout for use in your mousseline?

Freshwater Farms of Ohio is an educational destination and purveyor of farm raised trout to local home cooks and restaurant chefs.

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I believe that the energy used to farm fish indoors is not sustainable in the long view. However, Freshwater is very clean, the animals are treated humanely, and waste is processed cleanly. In my opinion, low fat, high protein trout raised in such a manner is the next best thing to catching your own.

The large fish barn, a short walk from the parking lot near the store, is open to the public Monday - Saturday. Groups can self-tour, reading about species on well designed signs on each tank. Children are welcome to pick up toads, pet the sturgeon, and feed trout in outdoor tanks.

Frozen, fresh, and smoked fish is available for purchase at the farm store visible from Rt. 29, a few miles north of Urbana. Our family loved the trout smoked on site, a completely natural fish+woodsmoke only product. The shop includes a small selection of local food items including crunchy, delicious Mumford's Potato Chips. Pond and aquaculture equipment and stocking fish are also for sale.

If you go:

  • Bring the kids! Freshwater Farm folks are friendly and open to questions.
  • Carry a few quarters to the barn to purchase trout pellets if you wish to feed.
  • Keep a cooler in the car for transport back home. Even the smoked fish is recommended to stay refrigerated.
  • There is a public restroom with a sink for hand washing in the store building.
  • Schedule a tour with snacks for your group for $3/person.
  • Self guided tours are free.
  • Consider visiting on Shrimp Fest Weekend. Entertainment, food vendors, tastes of Ohio farm raised shrimp, and guided tours are available the third weekend of every September. We'll be there!

Freshwater Farms of Ohio 2624 North US Hwy. 68, Urbana, OH 43078 1-800-634-7434 Open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm

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