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Experience Columbus Bathrooms {Friday Five}

Last week, Experience Columbus treated a group of bloggers from around the US and I to a whirlwind tour of the Columbus food scene. The other guests captured some fabulous shots of the food we ate and drank. I took pictures in the bathrooms. My line of reporting was unintentional but actually makes sense in hindsight. More than a place to wash up, the best restrooms reflect the sensibility of a place. Here's what I found in the toilets around town:

carey shoe artistry westincarey shoe artist
1) The food scene tour started in the Men's Room of the Westin Columbus. The loo is not of note but it houses one of the most notable people I've ever met in central Ohio: Carey, the Shoe Artist. Fine shoe collectors send him their leathers and Carey restores the shoes to former luster...from his office in the bathroom.

basi italia cook book casebasi italia lightswitch
2) I carried my purse into the Basi Italia water closet. I didn't expect to use the camera in the bag but I couldn't resist documenting chef Johnny's cookbook collection and quirky choice of a light switch plate.

rockmill brewery drawer front3) Rockmill Brewery is an earthy yet refined place. The birds eye maple sink cabinet drawer fronts reflect this aesthetic exactly.

pistachia vera bathroom4) The light and tasteful restroom of Pistacia Vera perfectly mirrors the atmosphere of the rest of their elegant bakery.

5) The last bathroom I want to highlight is not pictured because it doesn't exist, sorta. Non-Columbus folks were surprised and thrilled at the diversity and quality of the taco trucks we toured with Columbus Food Adventures, whose van is not equipped with a lavatory. Ever prepared, guide Bethia was ready with potty break spots for guests as needed.

Stay tuned to my fellow travelers for their impressions of Columbus: Blue Kitchen (Chicago) Cincinnati Nomerati Eat The Love (San Francisco) The Heritage Cook (San Francisco Bay) Joe of The Hungry Dudes (Detroit) A Thought For Food (Boston) Vanilla Icing (Pittsburgh) Wine Me, Dine Me Cincinnati


Disclosure: Experience Columbus paid for my meals and transportation for a three day extravaganza of eating. I bet they didn't expect a review of restaurant johns when they asked me to come along. ;)