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Sad Apples

wrinkled old appleThey say it was too cold or windy to warm the little bees' wings.

Or the apple flowers blossomed just before a storm and their white petals marbled the ground before they could attract pollinators.

Perhaps it was Colony Collapse, A frightening name for the frightening idea that we humans or weather or something mysterious is killing the bees on which we depend.

The only certainty is that apples are few this year.

Then last night the news came that Steve Jobs, curator of a technology company named after the simple fruit, died.

Jobs did not stop living in the face of cancer, or economic difficulty, or poor seasons, but his body still succumbed to the inevitable.

Those of us who love apples and Apples are sad.

We will grieve for a time. Then we will think with the creativity of Jobs. We will find ways to grow new fruit, to protect species known and unknown, to communicate and connect.

It is the way of the apple.

Pictured is the last of the apples I picked at Charlie's last season. It is ugly but I will cut into it and savor the gold rush. With no planning, this post is the first I have composed entirely on an apple product, our ipad.