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October 7, 2011 {Friday Five}

Friday Five ButtonThings I'm loving right now:

1. Early autumn is my favorite part of my favorite season and save for sad apples, this one has been lovely so far.

2. I recently downloaded the free CardioTrainer app on my outdated android phone. It tracks workout distance, route, time, steps, etc. in a very easy to use and reliable interface. Lil and I are having fun seeing how far we walk and I'm sneaking in some math lessons when we compare distance and speed.

3. Did you watch Ken Burn's Prohibition? I learned so much and was entertained to boot. Watch for free through PBS, linked above.

merrell body glove4. My walks are made a thousand times better by the Merrell Women's Barefoot Pure Glove. I have arches and insteps as high a campus student at 4:20 and struggle to find shoes that fit. These are basically like socks with soles and I love the weightless protection. I don't understand why they cost $90, but that's a matter to discuss another day.

5. We are leaving in a few hours to go backpacking in Hocking Hills. The area is beautiful in all weather but today's forecast sunshine and mild temperatures is perfect. Tomorrow, Athen's Farmer's Market!