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Jar Jack-o-lanterns

When I saw this idea combining three of my favorite things (canning jars, pumpkins, and Halloween), I knew we had to make jar jack-o-lanterns. jar jack-o-lantern set upI dug out a stash of not-acceptable-for-canning jars (ones without a brand name) and our acrylic paints.

painting jar jack-o-lanternsjar jack-o-lanters dryingmaking faces on jar jack-o-lanterns

Lil, her friend, and I each painted three jars in shades of orange. The girls played while I painted the top black and let them dry. About an hour later, we painted black faces over the orange.

jar jack-o-lantern drying

Lil lined up our jar jack-o-lanterns as the sun set. Tea light candles brought the scary and sweet faces to life.

jar jackolanterns

lit jar jack-o-lanternsjar jack-o-lantern light at night
I love the rustic look and can't wait to light our homemade luminaries on Beggar's Night!