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Grandpa's Grilled Chicken {Recipe}

grandpas grilled chicken recipeI am fortunate to come from a family of home cooks. Women are not the only ones in the kitchen - my father, uncle, and grandfather don aprons and feed the family as well.

This recipe is for my mother's father's grilled chicken. The marinade is nothing particularly special, but the method of re-basting it creates a succulent crispy glazed skin.

In honor of Grandpa, I never change the spices. Without nostalgia holding you back, I encourage you to add in a little cayenne, chili powder, or dry mustard.


Grandpa's Chicken Serves: 4-8 depending on how much chicken is used Active cooking time: 10 minutes to prepare, 45-75 minutes grilling

½ cup oil ½ cup vinegar ¼ cup water 2 teaspoons salt ¼ teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon minced onion 5 pounds bone-in chicken, your favorite cut or a whole chicken cut in halves.

1. Whisk all ingredients together. 2. Pour over chicken pieces and allow to marinate for 30 minutes - 6 hours. (If marinating longer than an hour, place the chicken in the fridge.) 3. Heat a grill to moderate heat. Place the chicken on the grate. 4. Use a pastry brush to brush on leftover marinade. 5. Continue grilling, turning the pieces as necessary for even browning. Reapply marinade every 15 minutes. 6. Remove chickens from heat when internal temperature of thickest cut reaches 165 degrees F. 7. Allow to rest five minutes before serving.


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