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Sews Like She Cooks

super kitten handmade halloween costumeI realized when seaming Lil's Halloween costume (she is Super Kitten, a hero of her own creation) that the way I approach sewing is much like I cook. Here's how: 1) I eschew patterns and recipes. Patterns are expensive, I don't like to be told what to do, and I rarely follow the rules precisely.

2) I rely on prior experience and existing garments to guide my designs. I spend a lot of time staring and thinking about what pieces need to go inside out and curve in 3d. Likewise, my mind is constantly trying to recreate restaurant dishes.

3) I measure as I go, just like I taste as I cook. This is a tedious habit but it ensures that the fit or saltiness is perfect.

4) I make do with what I have. So the tail has light pink thread instead of a matching white - I grabbed the closest match in my stash instead of running out for new thread. I am always more likely to substitute an ingredient in a dish than go to the store for a single item.

5) I make mistakes. The shimmery sheer fabric Lil chose was a huge pain to work with but now I know that for the future. In cooking, I don't always achieve what I had in mind, but again every failure teaches me something new.

Do you sew like you cook? Or am I the only one sewing costumes at all anymore?

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