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On My List

It is list making season, no? No matter your place on the HanuSolMas spectrum, there is some holiday that calls for presents.

In my family, gifts are made of love and time. Much of what we give and receive is handmade. We flip the consumerism coin and come up with heads and hearts - my family makes some awesome gifts.

And yet, we give and receive indulgences that cannot be made by hand. Our wish lists are typically exchanged over Thanksgiving which is why I'm making my wish list today. Here are a few things I would love to receive:

I feel like a disingenuous cook without a Le Creuset yet I can not fathom paying so much to replace our affordable, made in USA Lodge cast iron ware. Still, I lust after the cassis color cassoulet crock.

I fell in love with club soda this summer. It soothed my sinuses and refreshed me from the months of heat. The packaging waste makes me sick though. Is a pricey Penguin SodaStream worth it?

Our wheelbarrow is broken. The tire axle is bent and with cheap wooden handles and a plastic bed, it's not worth fixing. Instead, I think a cart would be more fun and utile.

Our kitchen scale is an old analog one. We're using it more and more to weigh charcuterie ingredients, flour for breads, and science projects. Maybe Santa thinks a digital one is finally in order.

We have several vacations planned for 2011 and hope to jump on some of Alex's business travel too. My current rain jacket does it's job well but is bulky. Alex loves his Marmot Precip and I think I would like one too.

What do you wish for this year?

PS. I keep an ongoing wish list for myself and Lil in Evernote. Do you use this app? I LOVE having my lists and notes with me at all times!

In light of the US economy, many people are opting to make handmade gifts this year and shop at small businesses. I highly encourage the shop local movement! I will publish a suggestion about central Ohio gift shops and a couple make-your-own ideas soon.