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Holidays 2011 In Review

The last five days were totally consumed by holidays: Thursday - hosted lunch and Solstice party for 7 kids and assorted adults Friday - cooked and crafted all day and drove to Lima and back for dinner with my Grandmother Saturday - cooked all day and hosted Xmas Eve dinner for 12 Sunday - visited two families for Christmas gift exchange and meals Monday - drove to New Carlisle, Ohio and back for Tayse family gift exchange

It was a busy long weekend but we wouldn't exchange time with our friends and family for the world. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

child painting on christmas beard hathandmade chain mail condomhandmade pork tamales sheep cake hillbilly ham house

This week we will find homes for all the new gifts, finish up little house projects, organize the basement, and celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. I hope to find time to write about some of the amazing handmade gifts pictured above too.

How were your holidays?

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