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When Life Hands You Meyer Lemons, Candy Them {Recipe}

translucent candied meyer lemon recipeAfter sipping my homemade limoncello last week, I decided I hadn't had enough of this season's Meyer lemons. I ordered another half dozen from Green B.E.A.N. delivery. When I opened my box I found not six but eighteen petite yellow lemons. I immediately contacted customer service and offered to return them. The quick response: "We can't take them back, can you use them?"

Oh can I? When life hands me Meyer lemons, I feel very lucky indeed.

sliced meyer lemons

I started with candied Meyer lemons. I spent 30 minutes focused with a sharp knife slicing thin strips of lemon and picking out the seeds.

meyer lemons in sugar syrup

Then I simmered them in sugar syrup until the rind turned translucent, enjoying the sweet summery scent as it wafted through the house. Finally, I moved the slices to a drying rack to drain the excess syrup.

meyer lemons on drying rack

Unlike the failure of a lemon meringue pie, candied lemons are a delight. I could see using them as a translucent garnish for nearly any dessert, chopping them into scones, or slipping the sweet slices in between cake layers.

candied meyer lemon recipe

But to be honest, I doubt they will make their way into any recipe at our house. We are eating a sticky slice or two with herbal tea in the afternoon and as a snack after dinner. The bright, bitter intense flavor adds moments of light to our days.

Candied Lemon (or Grapefruit)

2 cups sugar 2 cups water 3 lemons, sliced thinly and quartered, seeds removed 1 cup sugar (optional)

1. Simmer sugar and water over low heat in a wide non-reactive skillet until sugar is dissolved and a syrup forms. 2. Layer fruit slices in syrup. Cook at a low simmer until peels are translucent, 45-90 minutes. 3. Remove candy from syrup and drain on a cooling rack. Optionally, roll in more sugar before syrup dries. 4. Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

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