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Welcome to the New Hounds In The Kitchen!

chicken footprints in snowCome on in and take a look around the new design at Hounds in the Kitchen. I worked with Cliff from LinKen to create a cohesive design and upgrade functionality. There's a little widget on the side to show off recent and popular posts and an easier to read calendar of upcoming classes. Comments, sharing, and everything else works together more smoothly now. I am excited to finally feature Allie Lehman's logo at the top of the site.

Other than the design, you might note that I have withdrawn ads. I feel more freedom without them but I would still like to earn a little bit from the hours I spend writing this blog. I created a Support Us page with info on how you can donate, buy Hounds In The Kitchen merchandise, and shop Amazon with a small commission coming to us. The ebook store will also feature a new book for purchase very soon. I really appreciate your support.

You will notice another new page, Write For Food. I am growing my freelance writing business. If you know of a small business looking for writing or social media support, I would greatly appreciate your referral. My rates are reasonable and I often barter.

We are still tweaking things, like the custom search that doesn't seem to be working at the moment. If you see something out of order, please do let me know. What do you think?