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Robert Burns All Pudding Dinner

pudding dinner table
We set out to mark Robert Burns' Day, But made the food in our own way: Haggis for meat, Wouldn't menu be neat, If all puddings were on the buffet.

homemade haggis and dog haggis cooked

Several puddings each guest did provide; Mushroom leek and corn first arrived, We made Yorkshire pud, Oh my was that good. Indian carrot completed the sides.

yorkshire pudding unmolding mushroom and leek pudding

Sup' ended with three fine desserts; Chilled chocolate for the young squirts, J.C.'s plum pud stuck, Our only bad luck. Maple pudding cake stuffed our shirts.

Not healthy but fun nonetheless, And simple to host, I confess. End of affair, All guests did declare, The Burns Pudding Meal a success.