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Travelin' Hounds

Looking for a recipe today? I shared my mother's Tuna Noodle Casserole with the Columbus Dispatch for their article about potato chip toppings. snorkel in the living room

After a long draught of travel, this spring is shaping up to be a flood of trips. Check out our itinerary:

February 2 - Cleveland - Fresh Street Pop-up

February 10-11 - Cincinnati - Winter BeerFest and 5Bs Conference

February 18-19 - Granville - OEFFA Conference

end of February - San Salvador Island - Vacation with Alex's family

March 9-11 - Indianapolis - Big Ten Basketball Championships with my family

mid March - India - tentative business trip for Alex. Lil and I will stay home but may make a few local trips on our own during part of this time.

early April - Harrisburg PA and surrounds - business trip for Alex with Lil and I coming along

mid June - Big Island, Hawaii - Vacation with my family

late July - France - tentative business trip for Alex. If it happens, Lil, my sister Megan, and I will go along.

It's entirely possible that in the next six months Lil will end up with two new passport stamps and dozens of hotel stays. She will be thrilled.

I am excited too. Seeing the world always gives me new perspectives on life, lots of photo opportunities, and plenty to share with you all.

The beasts will be well taken care of at home thanks to my sisters and neighbors.

I am sure there will be bumps along the way and in all likelihood some trips will be changed or put off to other dates. Rolling with the punches is part of the life lessons included in travel.

Are you looking forward to any trips?

Many links in this post go to my inspiration boards on Pinterest. The thought that I could use pins to track places I want to visit rekindled my participation in this social network. Feel free to follow me there and share your name so I can follow you.