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Week of February 13, 2012 {Meal Plan}

Ingredients & Inspiration

    • We are in the middle of a mad period of travel and last week's meals were a bit haphazard. I want to eat better this week.
    • Our freezer is full but only getting more full. I want to work on eating some of the surplus in the next few weeks. Look for the (f) to indicate an ingredient from the freezer.
    • We're celebrating Mardi Gras a few days early so I can write about it next week.


Monday - mushroom swiss bison burgers with homemade potato buns, roasted broccoli and parsnips

Tuesday - afternoon Valentine's tea (pimento cheese sandwiches, homemade crackers, chocolate cake, fruit), stir fry and eggrolls (f) for dinner

Wednesday - Dad's treat restaurant (Thank you Dad!)

Thursday - ravioli (f) and home dehydrated tomatos sauce

Friday - Mardi Gras early: boudain & grilled okra on ciabatta with Tobasco aioli, shrimp etouffee over rice, king cake

Saturday - R at OEFFA, A&L: fish (f), rice, peas

Sunday - family dinner