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Sparkling Love

homemade sparkly valentines
Love is:

-Saying yes to buying glitter glue and the most shimmering paper in the craft store

-Patiently cutting hearts by hand

making homemade valentines
-Making a list of people you love who need a Valentine

-Totaling the list to 24 and then remembering more people you love

-Spending three days of craft supplies strewn all over the dining room table

-Hand applying stickers, glitter glue, and everything 'just so'

mailing homemade valentines

-Writing a personal message on each card

-Hand addressing the envelopes

-Selecting a stamp to match the recipient's personality and placing it perfectly in the corner

-Playing cupid to deliver cards on foot and by car

-Taking time, lots of time, to do Valentine's the slow, sparkling, handmade way


How are you expressing your love today?