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Presidential Hoecakes {Recipe}

presidential hoe cakes recipe
It's President's Day on Monday and you know what that means, right?



According to the Mount Vernon website, hoecakes were George Washington's standard breakfast. I figured this meant I should experiment with hoecakes for President's Day.

The site also shares a recipe. Unfortunately it is sized for a huge crowd and sounds a little funky.

Taking inspiration from Mount Vernon, I reworked the recipe and portions to fit my family's taste. I added a little wheat flour to give more body to the pancakes. Before cooking, I stirred in an egg for lift and richness.

hoecakes batterfermenting hoecakesafter the night hoecakes

The hoecake batter ferments overnight, giving a slight tang to the final pancake. The taste harkens of cornmeal mush, a rustic breakfast starch my father and I love fried.

hoecakes recipe day twocooking hoecakeshoecakes on cast iron skillet

This recipe is so simple that it only really requires three things: very fresh cornmeal (I like Carriage Hill delivered by Green B.E.A.N.), time to ferment, and sweetener. Berries, maple syrup, and molasses are all great toppings. I prefer local honey.

honey on hoecakes

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