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For Sarah on Her Thirtieth Birthday

When I planned our trip to San Salvador Island, I neglected to note that my sister Sarah turns 30 while we are away. In lieu of giving her good wishes in person, I share this list of 30 reasons I'm glad Sarah is my sister. tayse girl portraits_0001

1. You were a really cute kid. 2. You were a really obnoxious teen, making me look angelic in comparison. 3. You are the best arguer I know. 4. You keep trying vegetables even though you don't like most of them. 5. You work tirelessly for Capital Area Humane Society. 6. The dogs you adopted to us are full of personality, if not well behaved. 7. You are clever. 8. Your cat is named Awesome. That's awesome. 9. You answer all my veterinary questions. 10. You were the first in the family to break the tattoo barrier. 11. You knit my favorite gauntlets. 12. You have thick hair. I envy it. 13. You bravely canoe with the rest of us even though you fear canoeing. IMG_1865 14. You do a good Sammy Haggar impression. 15. You started the Tayse sister nose stud trend. 16. You brought pet fish into our life and later rescued our tetras when we were neglecting them. 17. You are quiet, leaving room for the loud mouths of the family (me). 18. You have strong and well reasoned ethics. 19. You are going back to school. I am proud of you for making time to learn while you also work full time.

kids making faces at museum 20. We seem to share a certain irreverence. 21. You're a good cook. 22. You're a fun aunt. (Not the least because you have kittens at work.) 23. You don't suck at life. 24. You have the patience and eye for color to sew well.

awkward family photo

25. You rocked a mullet with me in our mid 80s family picture. (Also note your sweater/skirt/knee socks combo.) 26. You are physically strong and always have been. 27. You were cool way before I was, or probably ever will be. 28. You share a birthday with our incredible Uncle Mike AND Dr. Seuss. Lucky! 29. You (and Megan) coordinated 30 before 30 gifts for me. 30. Your 30 before 30 birthday postcards and gifts are complete and now my regular life can resume.

Happy Birthday Sarah!