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Want to Buy the Homestead? And Other Updates

sunset over urban houseHomestead for Sale

We are finally putting our Clintonville house on the market very soon. In the meantime, life is a blur of paint and trim and organization.

The new buyers of the hound homestead will move into a home complete with:

  • two rainbarrels
  • seven fruit trees
  • dozen perennial edibles
  • seven raised beds with organic soil
  • compost bin
  • wood stove and what's left of the ash wood pile
  • kitchen designed for serious cooking and canning
  • new insulated windows and doors
  • two car garage with built in workbench

If you are in the market for a house and want to choose finishes like paint and a little bit of flooring, let's talk ASAP.

In Other News

In addition to my role as chief house stager, I am working with three social media clients: City Folk's Farm Shop, OCS Logistics, and C-PAP Central Online. It is exciting to guide small businesses in the world wide web.

I also accepted a role with Swainway Urban Farm to assist at farmer's markets. Our first date is the Clintonville Sprout Swap on April 28! I am a huge fan of Joseph's growing philosophy and can't wait to help him share organic seedlings, produce, and mushrooms with the Clintonville and New Albany market shoppers.

As if life couldn't be more busy, we decided on our last trip (this past weekend to Indianapolis) to start a family travel blog. Lil will take videos, Alex contribute quick posts on the road, and I'll manage the whole thing. Check out Curious Wanderlust for our very first updates.

Thanks for hanging in with the website updates during the hosting transition. I'm in the process of transferring to a new-new host with the old-new theme and everything will look normal again soon.