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On a Collar Quest

capital area humane society collar quest I love dogs. I love Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS), the shelter that housed our hounds before we adopted them. And I REALLY love guerrilla marketing.

Naturally, I'm delighted to introduce you to the newest adoption and awareness campaign at CAHS: Collar Quest.

capital area retail store

Volunteers and staff at CAHS are dropping 50 special signs with collars around the city every week during the month of May. Location clues will be posted on the CAHS Facebook page. Fans who find the collars will receive a 25% discount on an approved pet adoption. A few special ones are associated with a gift card to CAHS' retail shop, Bells and Whiskers. At the end of the Collar Quest, one lucky collar-finder will receive a grand prize package of a free adoption, food, vet services and training.

cats at capital areaguinea pig at CAHScollared dog at cahs

We visited the shelter yesterday to hang out with adoptable dogs, kittens, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Oooh the cuteness!!

orange kitten cahsThere weren't many kittens on the adoption floor when we visited but there are benefits to knowing one of the shelter managers - my sister Sarah showed us some of the kitties that are too young to be adopted. (Can you see the dark mark on Sarah's hand? It's from a month-old nasty cat bite, a serious hazard of her job.)

lil donating to capital area

In the end, we decided that none of the pets were a good match for us right now. Lil was a bit sad that we couldn't adopt but she chose to give a dollar from her own wallet to the shelter. She wants a cat and we've promised her one when we move. We'll be following CAHS on Facebook for collar clues. Maybe when we find one, the orange kitty will be available for adoption!

Will you join us on the Collar Quest?