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Marvelous Mint {Wordy Wednesday}

mint in canning jar Mint is a weed by any definition. Many gardeners even consider it invasive - the stuff will fill a space and beyond.

backyard mint patch near house

Our patch resides in a bed alongside the house bordered by the sidewalk. For the most part, this contains the spread and last year oregano actually overtook some of the mint zone.

child's decorative mint pileWe "tend" (mint actually requires no work) our mint madness because we love the herb. Lil eats the leaves fresh like salad greens and makes them into nests and garden sculptures.

mint mojitoI harvest fresh leaves frequently for drinks and dessert garnishes. At least once a year I fill the dehydrator, crushing the dried leaves for tea.

When mint flowers in late summer, bees and other pollinators 'sup on the nectar while my family enjoys the petite purple blooms.

fresh mint in salad spinner bowlDespite it's overgrowing habit, I'm mad for mint.

Do you grow mint? If so, how do you enjoy it?