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Mangoes! {Video}

fresh Hawaiian mangoOur Hawaiian rental house has a fruit tree grove. Naturally Lil and I explored it as soon as we arrived. Green mangos hang from long studded tails, ripening and reddening as they sink to the ground.

mango tree in Hawaiiripe mangos hanging from tree

These fresh mangoes have succulent smooth flesh, not at all like the sometimes-stringy import versions we can buy in Ohio. We are enjoying them fresh with breakfast and mixed into drinks with limes from trees on the property.

Before we left, Lil shot this video of one way to peel and slice mangoes. The other 'hedgehog' method is pictured above. Lil's commentary is cute, but the subtitle should be 'why Rachel needs a tripod and not a six year old holding the camera.' Sorry.

Do you eat mangoes?